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  • How do I secure my off-road caravan during my travels?
    Several solutions exist to secure your caravan , whether it is the Decamp X1 Plus, the C3 or the X3. For example, these models include, as standard, protective grilles on all of the windows. It is also possible to add, as an option, anti-theft systems to be installed on the hitch head.
  • What is a four-season caravan?
    It is a caravan designed to be used in all seasons , even in winter! The walls of such a caravan are 40 mm thick, insulated with 15 mm of Armaflex and a highly heat-insulating material of 25 mm (XPS foam).
  • Where can I find spare parts and accessories for my off-road caravan?
    For your spare parts and accessories, you can contact us directly or contact one of our resellers . Parts and accessories are available on order and generally between 3 and 10 days maximum .
  • What is the storage capacity of an off-road caravan?
    The storage capacity of an off-road caravan depends on the model chosen. For example, a Decamp Trekking X1 Plus caravan has numerous interior storage spaces as well as additional storage options: under the child's bed and/or a front trunk. Concerning the Decamp Trekking X3 caravan, various storage spaces are available inside and outside. A transverse storage is notably available to store skis and other long products. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!
  • What customization options are available?
    Our off-road caravans are customizable according to your desires and needs. The options are numerous, here are a few examples: door and tailgate mosquito nets, heating system, awning, waste water tank, bike rack, screen, solar panels, and much more! Do not hesitate to contact us , our experts will be able to advise you!
  • Do you need a special license to tow an off-road/off-road caravan?
    There are three categories of licenses for towing an off-road trailer or off-road caravan. The B license is the traditional license that one obtains at the driving school, to drive a category B vehicle. This license is sufficient if the GVWR of the towed trailer does not exceed 750 kg . The B license is also valid when the sum of the GVW of the trailer or off-road caravan and the car does not exceed 3500KG. Example: towing vehicle with 2000 kg GVW + trailer with 1500 kg GVW = 3500 kg, B license limit. The BE license is necessary for a combination whose total GVWR of car + off-road caravan exceeds 4,250 kg. This permit is a real exam with theoretical and practical tests. To find out more, you can watch our YouTube video on this subject “100% off-road caravan answers!” Approval – Insurance – Registration document – License” or contact us directly! We will be happy to inform you.
  • How do I prepare my caravan for an off-road trip?
    To properly prepare for your off-road trip, we recommend independent suspensions to best prepare your caravan for possible crossings . You will also need to choose your towing vehicle carefully (pick-up, 4x4 or SUV type). It must be able to provide the power necessary to tow your off-road caravan. Please note that our off-road caravan models allow you to be completely independent, whether in terms of energy or fresh water.
  • Do you need a registration document for an off-road caravan?
    The PTAC will determine the need to register the off-road caravan or not. In fact, it is mandatory to have a registration document for any caravan with a GVW of more than 500 kg .
  • Do you offer training or demonstrations on the use of off-road caravans?
    Tests are possible on request at the time of delivery. In addition, commissioning is systematically ensured before removal of the vehicle. Also note that our models of off-road caravans and pick-up cells are visible in our Delémont showroom by appointment.
  • How do off-road caravans deal with water and wastewater?
    How do off-road caravans deal with water and wastewater? Our off-road caravan models have a clean water tank (115 liters). Which equates to an average battery life of 4 days. Among the additional options available, you can choose additional 20 liter jerry cans but also a 75 liter waste water tank !
  • How is ventilation ensured in an off-road caravan?
    The ventilation of our Decamp caravans is ensured by numerous vents and openings , the number and location of which vary depending on the model. In addition, the roof fabrics are insulated and permeable.
  • Where are your all-terrain and off-road caravans visible?
    We have a showroom in Delémont. We welcome you by appointment from Monday to Saturday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. In industrial zone: Rue Saint-Georges 4, 2800 Delémont, garage number 2. Make an appointment
  • What are the advantages of a pick-up cell?
    The advantages of a pick-up cell like the Decamp Backpack S are numerous. First of all, this model is easy to install and does not require drilling your cabin. Then, and in a few words, a pick-up cell is compact , durable and ergonomic !
  • Should I insure my all-terrain/off-road caravan?
    If the GVW of your off-road caravan is between 500 and 750 kg , the caravan will have its own registration and registration document, but it will be covered by your car's insurance . To answer the question, yes you will have to insure your caravan, count on average for a full comprehensive insurance CHF350.- per year.
  • What is an all-terrain or off-road caravan?
    An all-terrain or off-road caravan is a robust , durable and powerful trailer . The latter has additional ground clearance to make it more suitable for off-road travel.
  • Quelle puissance de voiture est nécessaire pour tracter une caravane tout-terrain ?
    Pour votre sécurité, penez bien garde au véhicule qui tractera votre caravane. Il devra être suffisamment puissant, avoir une bonne tenue de route et un bon système de freinage également. C'est pourquoi, les véhicules de type 4x4 ou SUV sont les plus souvent recommandés. Le véhicule tracteur devra impérativement disposer d'un poids tractable conforme. Pour connaître celui-ci, prenez connaissance des éléments inscrits sur la carte grise de votre voiture.
  • Quels sont les délais de livraison pour une caravane tout-terrain ?
    Nos caravanes tout-terrain sont fabriquées dans notre usine en Turquie. Chaque caravane est unique de part la personnalisation qu'il est possible d'effectuer pour chacune d'entre elles. Les délais de fabrication pour une caravane tout-terrain sont de 2 à 4 mois selon la configuration choisie à la commande. Pour en savoir plus, vous pouvez visionner notre vidéo YouTube à ce sujet « 100 % réponses caravanes off-road ! Quel délai de livraison ? Quelle personnalisation ? Où visiter ? » ou nous contacter directement ! Nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous renseigner.
  • What is GVWR?
    The GVW corresponds to the Total Authorized Loaded Weight and is visible in field F2 of the vehicle, trailer or caravan registration document.
  • What are the warranty options on Decamp off-road caravans?
    All of our Decamp off-road caravans as well as the Decamp Backpack S pick-up cell are guaranteed for 24 months . You will also have a 5-year waterproof guarantee on our models.
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