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We offer multiple payment methods to provide you with a convenient and secure shopping experience. You can pay by credit or debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Klarna. We also accept offline payments, such as bank transfers.

The sale of caravans and pick-up cells is only done by bank transfer.

Security and Privacy

We are always looking for new resellers for our products. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the conditions of collaboration.

All online payments on our website are secure.

Online store prices
  • Cost transparency: Customers immediately understand what they are paying, avoiding financial surprises.

  • Ease for customers: They don't have to worry about finding an installer or paying additional fees after purchase.

  • Competitive Advantages: This practice can be a competitive advantage because it simplifies the purchasing process for customers.

  • Quality Control: Including installation in the price can mean that the company controls the quality of the entire process, including the installation itself. This ensures a better customer experience.

Moyens de paiement
Payment methods
  • Bank transfer

  • Credit/debit cards

  • Google Pay

  • Apple Pay

  • Klarna

  • Offline payments

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