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What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. Cookies are useful because they allow our website to recognize your device. This allows us to provide you with a personalized user experience, tailored to your preferences and needs. Cookies may also be used to track and analyze the use of our website and to improve our services.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies for various reasons. Firstly, we use them to improve your user experience by saving your preferences and providing you with quick access to the features of our website. Additionally, we use cookies to track and analyze the use of our website in order to improve and optimize our services. Finally, we use cookies for security and fraud protection purposes.

What types of cookies do we use?

We use different types of cookies for our website. Some are necessary for the operation of the website, while others are used for statistical and marketing purposes. For more information on the types of cookies we use, see our privacy policy.

How to manage cookies?

You can manage cookies by changing your browser settings. However, please note that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of our website. For more information on how to manage cookies, please consult your browser instructions or visit

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